Leave your guests with a final thank you for the night by sending them home with some Newman’s fine chocolates in a personalised gift box or we can customise your gifts to suit your budget. Basically bonbonniere boxes are gifted as souvenirs to the guests by showing them gratitude and affection for having been present on the special night to share the happiness with the host of the event.

Bonbonnieres Melbourne

The bonbonniere (Greek spelling or known as “Koufeta”) or bonboniere (Italian spelling) originated in France (from French word Bonbon) when a small box of sweets was given at special occasions. Sometimes these bonbonnieres are placed on the reception tables. It is however not a necessity to gift bonbonnieres to the guest but if it is gifted then it appears to be a more amicable practice of showing gratitude.

Th bonboniere tradition spread across the world from France. Originally 5 sugar coated almonds were gifted as bonbonniere, and the 5 almonds represented the omen of happiness, health, wealth, children and long life for the newly married couple. These days there are lots of options which can be used as bonbonniere and it is no longer just confined to sugar covered almonds. Many couples still practice giving sugar covered almonds as bonbonniere. There are now many nice different options for bonbonnieres, some lavish and others simple.

No matter which type of bonbonniere you are looking for we can help you out, you just need to order and together we will work out to find the perfect bonbonniere for your guests.

[2 piece chocolate set gift wrapped $5.95]
[4 piece chocolate set gift wrapped $7.95]